The Coordinators’ Preparation Week

The coordinators are the team of returning monitors who have experienced the summer camps first-hand, and who are given the huge responsibility of directing one of the camps. This involves communicating with a team of European and Cambodian monitors, as well as with the Cambodian coordinator, with the aim of putting in place the best possible set-up to welcome the children come the first week of August.

The coordinators have been arriving in Central Camp since Friday 17th of July and been studiously attending workshops manned by the Summer Camps’ executive team, Pablo Alonso Caprile, Monica Cuesta, Pablo Alonso Colchon, and of course, Marisa Caprile, the founder of the camps.

The workshops explore themes such as security, trust, communication skills, teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, and the different roles and challenges of a coordinator. Lizzy Boyarsky, a third-year monitor who is training to be a coordinator for the first time, said

The workshops have been very inspiring for me, especially in terms of managing and motivating a team, and how to make the most of your monitors. It’s been very useful for me because I’ve never really supervised a team before. I’m very excited to begin, and although I’m a little nervous, I’m confident it will go really well.

As well as the workshops every morning, each coordinator has been writing a memo for his team, which explains in detail how the week goes, in terms of logistics, role divisions, and activities with the children. The coordinators have also had the chance to meet with the team of Khmer monitors they will be working with, and, most importantly, the Khmer coordinator who will be their right hand in the summer camp operations. Finally, this week has been an opportunity for the coordinators to visit their camps, and scout out what material they need, what preparation needs to be done, and to speak to local people on site who will be helping out throughout the month.

All in all, it has been an extremely busy week, and although the tension if high, everyone is really eager to begin! Today and tomorrow everyone will be meeting the 185 new monitors arriving from all over the world, and we are all bursting with excitement!




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  1. Great writing-so nice to be able to share your excitement and all the incredible preparations. Great work !

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