Prep Time at the Beach

The yearly Sihanoukville trip in the preparation week is a tradition that doesn’t get old. It serves the purpose of uniting the group in a casual, relaxing environment, while providing training in the form of workshops, team-building games and camp preparation with the coordinators.

After a first day of bonding on the beach, helped by a few games organised by the Welcome Committee, the new monitors attended workshops on Wednesday morning, on how to organise games and work with the Khmer monitors, as well as a lesson on basic Khmer vocabulary. Everybody drove to the beach after that and had lunch with their coordinators to go through their camp’s organisation and divide each person’s roles during the week. The camp meetings were followed by a huge game of Peter Pan, played by all 190 of us, to the confusion of the families having a quiet day on the beach.

The next morning we participated in a fun activity on Khmer History, the importance of thoughtful communication, and our roles in helping each other out as a community. Groups of ten were provided with texts and given an hour to imagine a little sketch or song which would portray their message.

We reluctantly headed back to Phnom Penh on Thursday afternoon in the rain, after three days of fun and learning, waving goodbye to the Sihanoukville teams who went to prepare their camps. Only a few days of preparation left before the camps commence!!


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