Humans of Central Camp

We spoke to people all around the camp on the first day of Central Camp, asking them what their impressions were and what there role was in the huge organisation that’s required to welcome close to 900 children a day. The children came in two waves yesterday: 450 in the morning, and 450 in the afternoon. Those who come in the morning then go to school in the afternoon, and those who come in the afternoon come straight from the classes they had that morning.



“This is my first time at the PSE summer camp and I really love it. People here are always smiling and we are all working hard to make the children smile too.” Po kong, PSE graduate and monitor at Central Camp



“I’m a little nervous about the activities because I’ve never worked with children but hopefully it will go as well as this morning… All the kids are amazing!” Alfonso, a Spanish monitor at PSE for the first time



“We woke up before 5:00am to cut the dragon fruit, fry the fish, prepare the rice and make the other snacks… We also serve breakfast and lunch for all the camps in PSE Central Camp and make the snacks for Central Camp and all the paillottes, today we prepared thousands of sandwiches!” Elisa, first-year French monitor who is on the service team of Central Camp (photographed with Louis)


“The people who work here are divided between those who cook the rice and those who cook the food like the soup for today. It’s OK for those who cook the vegetables, but those who cook the rice have to wake up at 3 am to make the rice for the breakfast and lunch. There are just enough people to do that and sometimes it’s a little late, like today. Working with the European monitors of the service team is really motivating and encouraging, they are very fun! During the Summer Camp the amount of food we make nearly doubles: we usually make about 4,5 bags and now we make nearly 10!”  Yung Sambo, principal chef at the PSE canteen for six months. This is her first experience of the summer camps.


“It’s great, the kids are really amazing and I’m giving it everything! It was a little chaotic making the groups of children but I’m super motivated for today. The kids are so cute, they all come up and hug us, they’re not shy at all!” Hughes, first-year French monitor



“The first day has been great. There have been chaotic situations but mostly it has run smoothly.  There are 80 children more than what we were expecting but everyone is working very hard to make sure we can welcome all the kids.” Alejandra, one of the coordinators of Central Camp, at PSE for her third year



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