Paillote 2, the Heart of Happiness


We did a pop-quiz with Elena Espinosa, the coordinator of Paillote 2…

Biggest novelty about working in a paillote?DSC_0032

We have to improvise all the time and things change from day to day, it’s very fun.


How are the children of the paillote?

It’s amazing because the children live right around the paillote. I see them come out of their houses in the morning and cross the street to the camp. We get to know their environments really well.


How are the European monitors?

I’m very happily surprised. We’re a great team and we all complement each other in interesting ways. Language is never a problem because we always speak English


How are the Khmer monitors?

They were a little lost at the beginning because it’s everyone’s first time working in the camp. With the help of my Khmer coordinator everything is going great now.


What is the hardest moment of the day?

The transition between the morning and afternoon groups. With 300 children in the camp and another batch arriving, it’s very hard to control. But every day our logistics improve and we’re getting used to it.


What is the most enjoyable moment of the day?

The dance activity,  which we do every morning before the activities and every afternoon before the children leave. It’s funny because it wasn’t planned in the timetable and we improvised it. The children have made up choreographies and it’s a great moment.


A thought on your long-term experience of the summer camps?

I’ve been coming for three years and I can’t imagine a summer without PSE now. You come here and you receive endlessly more than what you gave. At home people ask about it but it’s impossible to put into words. Only experiencing it can show you how it is. It’s amazing to see the project grow from year to year …



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