Kindergarten Babies

The Kindergarten camp opened this year the welcome babies between 2 and 3 years old, who are the children of PSE employees. Kunthea Chan of the social services explained the necessity of opening a camp because “the parents leave to work for long hours and the babies cannot stay at home alone. Our aim is also to allow the older brothers and sisters, who would normally look after the younger ones, to come to the summer camps or continue their vocational training. Now they can go to the teenagers camp or to a paillote.” All day, a group of European and Khmer monitors look after and play with the little girls and boys. At 6.30 am the parents drop them off at the social service building and throughout the day they give them showers, feed them, and entertain them with manual activities, movies, walks outside and games in the paddle pool. Concerning the challenges of this new camp, Marta, a Spanish monitor, said: “Mondays are the hardest days, the children start crying when their mothers leave them, but on Thursdays, they are really happy and don’t want to go home.”


Thank you to Marta Aizpuru for the photos




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